Enhanced Direct Mail

Direct Mail + Google + Social Media
Enhanced Direct Mail Marketing combines direct mail with the power of Google and the reach of social media to enhance results and increase your return on investment by an average of 23% - 46%!


Direct Mail Blitz Enhanced Direct Mail service, combines direct mail with the power of Google and the reach of social media to enhance results and increase ROI by an average of


It’s important to understand how “enhanced” direct mail works. This unique method takes traditional direct mail and enhances it with digital tracking and follow-up through social media and Google ads. At the same time, we collect the contact information for the people who visit your website that may not currently be on your mailing list or email list, and make them available for you to purchase.

Instead  just waiting and hoping that your mailer is received and the recipient acts on your call to action, we vigorously track each piece to see when they receive it, find the recipient on social media and match people with similar demographics on social media to grow your list. At the same time, we launch Google ads for an extra effective boost.

The people receiving your mailer get “touched” 12 to 16 times which makes your response rate go way up. 

Not only can you track the effectiveness of your campaign with your current list, but you can grow your list with people who have already shown an interest in your company. These people are ideal targets for an additional marketing campaign.

We have run countless, highly successful campaigns nationwide for businesses, non-profits and political candidates that exceeded expectations, AND gave our clients the opportunity to reach prospective new clients that are already very interested in their business.

The Components of Enhanced Direct Mail Marketing

Mail Tracking

  • Know when your mail is projected to reach mailboxes.
  • Delivery confirmation down to the per piece level.
  • Know the percent of mail that has arrived and the percent left to be delivered.
  • Be prepared for new calls & online leads.
  • Reporting that is synced with Google Maps.

Social Match

  • Your mailing list is matched with Facebook and Instagram user profiles.
  • We deliver your campaign ads to them before, during, and after your mailing.
  • Studies show that people are more inclined to take action when they’ve seen your message on social media before receiving your mailer.
  • Even before someone visits your website or receives your mailer, your campaign ads appear on their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.

Informed Delivery®

  • Informed Delivery® is a free USPS program that emails you every morning with preview images of all the mail you will receive in your mailbox that day.
  • Increase your impressions by adding a full color clickable ad to your grayscale email preview.
  • Get traffic to your website before the individual even gets home to see your mailer.

Call Tracking

  • Know how many calls you got as a direct result of your campaign.
  • Track the effectiveness of your campaign accurately, without human error.
  • Access recordings of every call you receive as a result of your campaign
  • Recorded calls can be used for quality assurance and training.

Online Follow Up

  • 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. Repetition is essential for effective marketing!
  • 90% of interested people will visit your website before contacting you. We tag them when they arrive.
  • 96% of interested people will leave your website without taking action.
  • Now, after someone visits your website, your ads follow them across the internet as they go to other websites.
  • Have you ever looked at shoes on Zappos, then go to another website where you see the same shoes in a Zappos ad? That is what this is!

Social Media Follow Up

  • 70% of people access social media daily. 50% spend 3-4 hours of every day on Facebook & Instagram alone!
  • Website visitors are tagged when they visit your site. Your ads appear when they scroll through their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.
  • Your ads reach prospects with multiple impressions.
  • The ads are shared with their friends and followers extending your reach even further.

LEAD Match

  • Identify all the visitors to your website, even if they were not on your mailing list.
  • Find out who went to your website as a result of your mailer and what actions they took.
  • Pinpoint unique visitors who went to your website, that were not on your mailing list, and what actions they took.
  • Never guess again how effective your direct mail campaign was

Are you ready to grow your business using direct mail combined with the power of Google and the reach of Social Media?

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