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Social Follow Up makes social media one of the most powerful marketing tools today.

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Social Follow Up - Why Use It?

Social Follow Up capitalizes on the amazing potential of social media. Social media has grown into one of the biggest marketing machines in the world over the last several years. According to Statista, Facebook had over 7 billion users in 2020, more than double its users as of 2012. Sprout reports that Instagram, one of Facebook’s most popular offshoots, has around 1 billion including 37% of all adults in the US. 70% of people access social media daily. 43% of people visit multiple times per day, spending 3-4 hours per day on Facebook & Instagram alone! Mobile access is also more relevant than ever, with 84% of social media users accessing it via their mobile phones.

How It Works

There is a link to your website on your mailer. People receiving your mailer visit your website where they get a “cookie” that triggers your ads to display on their social media accounts. When website visitors go to their social media accounts, Social Follow Up starts displaying your ad hundreds of times every day for the entire campaign. Your ads appear multiple times, re-engaging users and increasing the likelihood that they will take an action, like donating or purchasing. Our Online Follow Up is similar, engaging users on websites across the web while Social Follow Up engages users on social media.

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