Direct Mail Marketing Services

Direct Mail Blitz offers direct mail marketing services to help your company or organization grow!

Direct Mail Processing

With so many ways to market your business, why choose direct mail? Because it works!!

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Response Rate Report, direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly 600%, and marketers are embracing direct mail to achieve more relevant, personalized communications.

Direct Mail Blitz provides full-service direct mail. We mail everything from postcards, brochures and invitations to annual appeal letters and catalogs. We can handle your direct mail piece from concept to post office drop off.

That means that we work with your business to design and print your direct mail piece. Most bulk mail houses don’t offer design or printing services. Having those services under one roof will save you money on your direct mail marketing. Our printing services range from glossy full color postcards, to letters and envelopes printed with your company information.

We understand USPS regulations and ensure your direct mail piece meets their guidelines so your mail will go out quickly.

You can provide us with a mailing list or let us pull a customized mailing list for you. We match the mailing list to the National Change of Address database and update the addresses to ensure your mail is not returned. The National Change of Address database compiles addresses of those who have registered for change of address forwarding service with the USPS. We also run your mailing list through the Coding Accuracy Support System and Delivery Point Validation databases to remove any addresses identified as undeliverable, ensuring that your mailing list contains high quality, deliverable addresses, thus saving you money on postage.

Contact us today – let us show you how incredible the results can be with direct mail!